Our Story

Las Cruces Foursquare:

On June 6, 1999 The International Churches of the Foursquare Gospel issued a charter for Las Cruces Foursquare Church.  Prior to receiving a Foursquare Charter, the church had operated as an independent ministry.


Today, Las Cruces Foursquare Church is known throughout the state of New Mexico, as "Triumphantlife".   We are a thriving family church seeking to educate, encourage and empower Christians of all ages. The church meets weekly in its 27,000 square foot worship facility at 2020 N. Valley Drive. Services and programs are provided for all ages; including: children, youth, college and career bound, adults and seniors. 

We are a blended congregation embracing people of all ages.  Sunday services are conducted in English and Spanish interpretation is available via wifi.  On Wednesdays, discipleship classes are taught in both English and Spanish.