Our Vision

Triumphantlife is called by God to be...

A Christ centered body, a family church, and a people committed to seeing lives transformed by His grace... revolutionized by the power of His Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

Triumphantlife develops church leaders and produces disciples, believers created by a culture where people are educated in God's Word, encouraged to reach their full potential in His Kingdom, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a triumphant life!

God's Kingdom flourishes here through personal evangelism, the witness of a vibrant local body, and a vision for planting and nurturing new churches.

The Missional Church

“Some use missional to describe a church that rejects treating the gospel like a commodity for spiritual consumers; others frame it as a strategy for marketing the church and stimulating church growth. Some see the missional church as a refocusing on God's action in the world rather than obsessing over individuals' needs; others see it as an opportunity to "meet people where they are" and reinvent the church for a postmodern culture.” 2015 Christianity Today

With so much being said, and with so many definitions going around these days, about the "missional" model of church, Triumphantlife is compelled to define its own understanding of the missional model and how we fit into that ideal.

The missional church, like other progressive movements in modern church history is only 10 years old, but in this short time it has promoted a wide diversity of change to the American Christian landscape. At it's heart the “missional” model seeks new ways of presenting Christ to a changing world outside the four walls of the conventional church.

In principle we agree with this aim; acknowledging that at its core all churches should be missional by their very Christ-like nature and through their call to achieve the Great Commission.

Yet, Triumphantlife honors the proven traditions of the past, while we also actively embrace the positive approaches of each new generation, we are therefore motivated to define the Triumphantlife missional model so that we may be unified in purpose. As a result, we at Triumphantlife, who utilize all good things for the sake of Christ, choose to define ourselves as a "relational" church, meaning that we seek to foster relationships with the wider world, our community, and our church family. Relationships that lead all people to God, relationships that are guided by the Holy Spirit, grounded in Scriptural disciplines and which are wholly committed to the mandate of the Great Commission; further we strive to build these relationships through expression of the doctrines of our Foursquare family.

Therefore, while we are a missional church, we prefer to define ourselves, for the sake of clarity and distinctiveness, as a relational church. The relational church which ultimately and fundamentally seeks to foster, above all else, the most valuable relationship there is, the communion between God, the Creator of all things, and His creation humanity, the stewards of all Creation. To achieve this we will use all good practices to His divine ends.