Life Groups - Group Discipleship

In Romans 16:5, the Apostle Paul writes, "...greet the church that is in their house".  In other words, Paul was saying, "greet the believers who are meeting in a local home".

Church is not a building. Church is a body of people who come together to share Jesus.  What was true in Paul's day is still true today!

Triumphantlife encourages participation in life groups.  These gatherings are also commonly referred to as small groups or home groups.

In today's busy world, believers are coming together to share Jesus in homes, coffee shops, parks, and other community locations. They meet to fellowship, to study the Bible, to pray together, to serve, to teach, to preach, and to share the good news of Jesus with the do life together!

Our program is designed to help men grow in faith, build strong relationships with Christian brothers, and enjoy life.  Opportunities for fellowship include a life group,  Saturday breakfast fellowships (off campus), and numerous activities throughout the year.  You can enjoy our annual men's retreat, movie nights, and camping or fishing trips.  In all, the program will build you up spiritually and allow you to develop close friendships with your Christian brothers.

Women's Life

Our women's program is designed to help women grow in faith, build lasting friendships, and enjoy life. The program offers a life group, a book club, group activities, and special events.

Our annual Foursquare women's conference, our women's retreat, and fun

days will allow you to meet others who share your love for Christ.