STEP TWO - Children & Youth Volunteers

This second step is required for any ministry volunteer applying to work with children and/or youth in the church.

It is assumed you have already competed Step 1.  There are three parts to Step 2.;

  • Complete the Triumphantlife 101 course.  You can download the handout 101 Discover Your Membership in Christ and Your Church
  • Complete Reducing the Risk training (see below, in next section) 
  • Complete and submit a background check application.  The application is available HERE.  You should complete and sign this form before turning it into the office.  (Background checks are required for anyone working with or having interaction with children.  The processing fee is paid by the church.)

Reducing the Risk Training

God intends for our children and youth to meet and accept Jesus Christ early in life and to realize their full potential in the Holy Spirit without the wounds of abuse to slow down their spiritual growth and development. These four video sessions focus on biblical principles applying how to help children and youth mature with little or no impact from abuse or maltreatment.

The following participant handout material is available for download while viewing these videos.; We ask each person to read and complete the handouts as part of the viewing process.

These four 20-minute training videos, hosted by Foursquare leaders, personalizes the concern of The Foursquare Church and Triumphantlife for our children and youth, bringing into focus the need for awareness and prevention of abuse and maltreatment in our ministries.

If you are going to become a team leader you will also be expected to read and understand the material in the:

El Manual de Protección de Jóvenes y Niños y las series de capacitación también están disponibles en español.

Session 1: Preserving God's Call in the Life of a Child

Covered topics:

  • Describe the effects of child abuse
  • Commit to safe ministries for children and youth
  • Understand how molesters operate
  • Discover steps to protect staff and volunteers from false accusations

Reducing the Risk Session 1 Video

Session 2: Protection and Purity

Covered topics:

  • Commit to effective abuse prevention in our churches
  • Identify and take action on warning signs of abuse
  • Understand and implement proactive and redemptive steps for responding to allegations of abuse

Reducing the Risk Session 2 Video

Session 3: Boundaries, Behavior and Barriers (attitudes and reactions)

Covered topics:

  • Boundaries for volunteers who work with children and youth
  • Behavior management for church volunteers
  • Barriers to adults reporting their concerns about other adults

Reducing the Risk Session 3 Video

Session 4: Self-Protection with Godly Confidence

Covered topics:

  • Ten ways to protect children and youth from abuse
  • Warning signs that a child feels uncomfortable
  • How to respond if someone tells you they have been abused
  • Youth to youth abuse - what it is and how to prevent it

Reducing the Risk Session 4 Video