What is Christ Culture?

Christ Culture is a bridge to the church of the future. Like many other churches in America today, we have found that many young adults have grown disconnected, discontent, and then have drifted away from a life in faith. Not because they lose God, but because their church life is competing with their worldly life... and worldly life is winning. We find that young people are looking for opportunities to have impact, to participate in serving people, and engaging in causes that embrace social justice and world changing actions. This is exactly what Jesus came to do, it is what His church is charged to do as well. 

The problem isn't the church or even the world we live in, the problem is a people problem, a societal challenge where we sometimes fail to bridge the span between emerging youth culture and the eternal culture of Christ. The culture of this world is always changing, while the culture of Christ never does... this reality doesn't mean, therefore, that the way we do church can't change, it doesn't mean we can't evolve the church service, the presentation of the gospel, or the way we connect our faith to our lives.

We believe the solution to keeping young adults engaged with a faith life is helping to create a faith life that works and a church that speaks to you, where you are and how you are... right now.

Here at Triumphantlife, we hold Christ Culture Young Adults Bible Study every Thursday night, it's a life group and Bible discussion. Its primarily for those out of high school and up to those under 40 years of age (but all are welcome!). Christ Culture - The Christian Life Sessions are a combination of Jesus dialog, with topical messages, and a social network in the physical. It's built on discipleship, relationship, and community engagement. It's kinda like a hangout with conversations about life - meets Bible study. Its like a group of friends with a common goal, building a better life together; meeting to encourage each other in an arena of faith. It's about accountability, learning, partnering, inspiring, serving others, improving each other... and most importantly, its about you and Him, its about coming into the warm embrace of your creator, its about renewing your faith and watering your soul from the well of living water.

Its not about going to church... its about being the church!