Kairos - Prision Ministry

Triumphantlife teams up with churches across the state, to send in men and women into our local prison system in order to minister the needs of those under incarceration.

There are two Greek words for "time"
     Chronos: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.
     Kairos: When God gets our time, it becomes God's special time.

Kairos is a core ministry looking to build sizable, devoted, strong teams of Godly men and women from various churches from this and other surrounding communities who seek to present God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit through loving action and personal intervention.

What does a Kairos event look like? Four days of structured programs, ministry that has been refined and perfected over many decades. Ministry that is presented in prisons globally.

Thursday: Meet and Greet
Friday:  Who am I?
Saturday: Who are you?
Sunday: Bringing it all together.

How can I help?

Your Kairos team needs prayer, volunteers, contributions, and donations of cookies for our prison in-reach.