Member Care

Our personal evangelism team is responsible for ensuring that members and guests alike receive a warm welcome and enjoy being a part of the Triumphantlife family.

Pastor of Member Care, Bob Street and his team oversee a number of special programs that minister to the needs of our congregation:

Guest Services:

Our team of greeters and ushers would like to welcome you to Triumphantlife.  Any questions that you may have regarding our programs, church services, or facility can be answered at our service desk.  In addition, they will be glad to assist members or guests with physical disabilities.

Guardian Angel Program:

The member care team will attempt to contact members of our church family who have been absent from church for an extended period of time.  Contact may be by phone, text, or email and is to ensure that members of our church family are well.  If a member needs prayer, a hospital visit, or possibly convalescence meals, the team will make sure that those needs are brought to the attention of the pastoral staff.

Hospital Visitation:

In cases of personal injury or serious illness, a member of the member care team or a member of the pastoral staff  will make hospital calls to provide prayer, encouragement, and spiritual care.   (When requesting a hospital visit, members should notify the church office as soon as possible and be sure to provide the patient's full name as well as the name of the  hospital and room number.)

Convalescence Meals:

This program provides meals for families returning from a hospital stay.  Meals are usually provided for up to three days but the time can be longer depending on circumstances.