Men's Life Life-Group

Men's Life Group meets every 2nd and 4th Friday night, at 6:00pm, at Triumphantlfe. This is a great time of eating and talking together (it's potluck, and you can bring something tasty.. that's up to you! It's not required.) and Bible study, We spend the evening enjoying friendships and making new ones! We invite all men to come and join us, and we encourage you to bring friends, co-workers, family for this low key group.

Men's Life also meets, even more informallly, every Saturday for breakfast at 8:30am, most of the times we can be found at Rudy's having coffee and such, other times we might get together at one of the homes of a member. So contact us to find out were we'll be!

Men's Life also organizes events, like Men's Life camping trips, range days, and other activities that guys like to do. So come join us!

Women's Life Life-Group

Women's Life meets every 2nd and 4th Friday night, at 6:00pm, at Triumphantlife. This Bible study group, share a potluck meal (Which of course, bring a dish is optional. What's important is just that you join us!), great fun, and in-depth Bible study and prayer. We hope to have you join us soon!