Outreach Ministries

DESERT PEAKS MINISTRY - Our outreach team provides a communion service, music and fellowship, as well as personal visitation to the residents of Desert Peaks Assisted Living Facility. 

GOSPEL RESCUE MISSION MINISTRY - Our outreach team conducts evangelistic services for the mission that include special music, preaching, prayer for the sick, and invitations to accept Christ. Services are held every other Sunday at the Gospel Rescue Mission Chapel from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.

EMERGENCY PRAYER NETWORK - The minister of outreach maintains a list of intercessory prayer volunteers who comprise the Triumphantlife prayer network.  People who submit prayer requests to our church can ask to have their request submitted to the prayer network.

KAIROS PRISON MINISTRY- Our outreach team joins with churches from across the state to send men and women into our local prison system to minister to the needs of those who have been incarcerated.  Kairos is a core ministry looking to build strong teams of Godly men and women to present Jesus Christ through loving action and personal intervention.

For more information about our outreach programs, please contact

the church office or the Pastor of Outreach Ministries, Willie Dunn.


Office Phone:  (575) 528-5683