Kid's Life

Children's Church

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Our Mission is to equip children with the full armor of God and provide them with the biblical foundations to be effective soul winners for Christ.

Nursery and Infant Care

During Service we have Nursery facility were our trained staff care for our children up to two years of age.

Alternatively, we have a cry room for parents who wish to stay with their infants during service, and yet still see and hear the entire service.

For more info please come by and allow us to give you a tour of our children's wing.

Children's Church 101

Our teachers educate children about God’s everlasting love and saving grace through bible lessons.  Our first goal, as teachers, is to help children build their faith in god and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  We also incorporate activities that provide children with examples of how to apply the Word of God in their daily lives so that their choices and actions may be holy and pleasing to God.  As children grow in the Lord, we provide them with the skills necessary to become soul winners for Christ.