Tru[You]th Teen Programs

Tru[You]th youth ministry is a gathering of young believers and seekers, who desire to learn about God, grow in maturity, and be blessed by a closer walk with Christ.  Tru[You}th is built upon a foundation of study of God's Word; it is a safe, supportive place where the Christian walk, centered on Christ, is encouraged and built-up; it is a place to forge character, friendships, and values for life.

Wednesday Nights: 6:30pm to 8pm Bible Study and youth activities, held in our upstairs Triumphantlife Youth Hall.

Flash Church: Held approximately every other month at various locations all over the city. Flash Church is a mobile service/Bible study that brings "Church" to the community setting. We are a living demonstration that we are the "Church", church is not a building or a denomination, rather it is the people of Christ, wherever they gather.  From restaurants to parks, from geological sites to private businesses, Flash Church shows up and reflects the love of Christ in the most unexpected settings.

Outings and Events: Tru[You]th participates in camp trips, conventions, concerts, and church & community activities.

We are committed to fostering Christian fellowship, good stewardship, and healthy community engagement, all revolving around the principles of our heavenly Father, His Son and Holy Spirit, as we live each day in Christ. Tru[You]th seeks to help young people to find themselves in God's truth.

Nexus - NM/EP

Foursquare Summer Camp

Every summer Triumphantlife youth partake in Nexus Camp, located in the Sandia Mountains just east of Albuquerque.

From Jr. High freshmen to High School seniors our teens meet at camp to spend four days taking speakers, enjoying praise and worship music, attending breakout sessions, other numerous outdoor activities, such as volleyball, zip-line, rock climbing, swimming, hiking,and much more all will growing friendshipswith youth from Foursquare churches across New Mexico and parts of Texas. Camp is a place for young men and women to connect deeper to God, to each other, and to their Christian walk.